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Professional Information

Mary Weymark Goss, Box 279 Moonbeam, Ontario P0L 1V0 (705) 367-2420
Below: S197 Patron Looking at Orange Chair Paintings
transparent watercolor on paper

2005 Moonbeam Arts Festival, group exhibit
2005 Kapuskasing Centre de Loisirs, new work (January)
2004 Moonbeam Arts Festival, group exhibit
2003 Moonbeam Arts Festival, group exhibit
2002 Moonbeam Arts Festival, group exhibit
2001 Interfaces Online, group exhibit
2001 Arts Circle gallery, Kapuskasing, Paleozoic & Orange Chairs Series
2000 Kapuskasing Heritage Festival
1999 Hearst; Orange Chair, Visage Series
1998 Kapuskasing; group exhibit
1998 Hearst; Sanctuary & Orange Chairs Series
1997 Kapuskasing; Terre à Trois group exhibit
1997 Haileybury; Orange Chair Series
1996 Kapuskasing; Orange Chair prototypes
1995 Timmins Hospital; Sanctuary Series
1994 Kapuskasing; Sanctuary Series
1992 Timmins Museum; Sanctuary Series
1991 Chapleau; Sanctuary Series
1990 Haileybury; Raven Series
1988 Kennedy Gallery North Bay; Raven Series

Drawings of Rural Moonbeam, limited edition folio
In Hiding, poetry and drawings
Journals, Northward Journal
The Poetry of Allan Brown,critical essay, Northward Journal
drawings, poems and commentaries in various publications

Looking Out/Looking In by R.B.Adler, N.Towne, J.Rolls (Harcourt Canada)
Writers' Magazine
Black Moss Magazine
Northward Journal Magazine
Inscription Rock by Gordon Johnston
Country You Can't Walk In by M.T. Kelly
The Burden of Joseph ben Amittai by Allan Brown

1996-2005 Arts Circle Community Art Group, director, Kapuskasing; free year-round programs including community workshops, painting & drawing; projects for community groups; consultation for adults and students (unfunded)
2005Andre-Cary Public School, grade six mural project
1998-2004 Arts Circle art gallery (for local non-professional and student artists)(unfunded)
2003Val Rita public school, techniques of the Group of Seven
1999 Youth Centre free workshop for teens (unfunded)
1998-1999 Student Mural Projects, Diamond Jubilee Public School (unfunded)
1998 Art for Childrens Aid Project (unfunded)

1997-1999 Regional Artists Showcases at local mall & high school
1997-1999 Community Arts Websites; group projects, artists and local arts awareness (unfunded)
1997-1999 Community mural projects, Kapuskasing
1998 Cobalt Artists Colony
1997 Kapuskasing; St.John's group workshop, mixed media
1997 Cobalt Artists Colony
1996 curator, Kapuskasing 75th anniversary Art Exhibit, civic centre (unfunded)
1996 Smooth Rock Falls High School; painting & drawing
1995-1996 consultant & director, Heritage Gallery, Kapuskasing (unfunded)
1995-1996 Kapuskasing Regional Resource Centre for Independent Living; community art workshops (unfunded)
1995 Kapuskasing District High School, computer art & publishing (unfunded)
1995 Cite des Jeunes; student workshops on writing, illustrating and publishing books for children (unfunded)
1995 Kapuskasing District High School; poetry workshop
1994 College Universitaire de Hearst; workshops for art teachers

1994 Diamond Jubilee Public School; 16-week workshop, grade 8 (funded)
1994 Diamond Jubilee Public School; grade 3 workshop (unfunded)
1994 Centre de Loisirs; art teachers' workshops
1993 Ecole Jeanne d'Art, Fauquier; 16-week workshop grades 7 & 8 (funded)
1993 Ecole Sacre Coeur, Kapuskasing; grade four workshops (unfunded)
1993 College Universitaire de Hearst; workshops for art teachers
1993 Ecole St. Jules, Moonbeam; workshops grade 7 (unfunded)
1992 Kapuskasing District High School; seminars on writing and painting as a career (unfunded)
1992 Ecole St. Jules, Moonbeam; workshops grade 5 (unfunded)

1999 jury, Ontario Arts Council Senior grants
1999 juror, Northern Telephone phone book cover
1994 Ontario Arts Council artists in schools, Kapuskasing
1993 Ontario Arts Council artists in schools, Fauquier
1993 Ontario Arts Council artists in schools, Kapuskasing
Ontario Arts Council materials assistance for various exhibits

Ontario Northland Telecommunications
Sensenbrenner Hospital, Kapuskasing
J.S. Redpath
Timmins Hospital
Ministry of Government Services, Provincial Court, North Bay
Private collections in Canada and Great Britain

-2005 director, Leonard Cultural Centre committee, Moonbeam -2001-2005 coordinator, Moonbeam Arts Festival
-1995-2005 director, The Arts Circle, community arts center, Kapuskasing
-1995-2005 advisory committee, Habitat Interlude shelter for women, Kapuskasing
-2001 Art instructor, Kapuskasing District High School
-1998 board of directors, Kap Alpha literacy for adults, Kapuskasing
-1996 consultant/coordinator, Heritage Gallery, Kapuskasing
-1972-5 art consultant and instructor for City of Thunder Bay

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